Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dear Daughter...

Today is your birthday and I want to tell you
how clever, smart, inventive, funny and wonderful you are.
When you sent me this photo of you making a 'math hat' 
modeled on the Hilbert space filling curve,
 I wasn't even surprised -
 after all, you are the co-creator of an electronic device 
that enables plants to make phone calls or twitter 
when they need to be watered, 
and the creator of many inventions and pieces of wearable technology. 
Hats? You've made quite a few!

You make me laugh, floor me with your success, 
and make me so proud to be your mom.

Happy Birthday to my lovely and talented daughter and friend.

Have a wonderful day!


Karen L R said...

I'm not sure who is or Kate! You are such a fabulous pair! Best wishes to both of you today! xo

Karen L R said...
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Simone said...

Clever Kate! I hope you are wearing your Birthday hat!!! x

Anne said...

Lovely post for a lovely daughter! Hope you both had a wonderful day!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Such a beautiful post for a beautiful daughter. Thanks for sharing your love with us xoxo