Monday, March 25, 2013

Life Goes On

Hello friends - just wanted to say

"I'm still here!!"

Here's what's been going on -
Last week I visited my sister (who lives about an hour from here) and made her a pretty blue and lavender spring wreath.
Did I remember to take a picture of it? Of course not!!

But I did take a picture of her beloved cat, Emily Elizabeth (who once bit me, but we've made amends)!

I've also been thinking about having some changes made in our kitchen.
This is a b/w photo I'm working with. I'd love to have the cabinets painted a milky cream/white
and get some new countertops. That is a door to the porch on the left, but it is blocked off by a cabinet we purchased. The door is unnecessary since there is a sliding door to the porch in the next room. I'd love to have that cabinet painted white also. My husband and I have been contemplating this project for about 11 years, since we moved in, so I think it's time!

Snow still lingers, although the bulk of it has melted. Here is a photo from my porch, taken one pretty evening last week. Our forsythia bushes are lined up, neatly trimmed since last fall, waiting for some warmer weather to encourage them to bloom. I had thought about bringing in a few branches to force bloom, but never did. They will be a blaze of yellow before too long!

Unfortunately, I hurt my right arm and shoulder while shoveling snow last week, so I'm trying to take it easy until it gets back to normal. My husband returned from a two week business trip to Asia this past weekend, so I'm feeling like things are going well. It always leaves me feeling a bit adrift when he's gone. I'm still trying to organize, but it's slow-going at the moment. My blogging friend Paula in Buenos Aires calls organizing "a good energy shuffling" - I love that! She is doing a whole year of organizing her home and blogging about it, with helpful ideas for everyone. 

I've been trying to catch up with blogs because I love knowing what's going on with everyone in my blogging world. If I haven't visited you recently, I will soon.

Hope your week is off to a good start!


sharon said...

What a sweet picture of you. Sorry to hear about your shoveling strain but glad to hear that Bill is home. Yes, kitchen projects tend to go round and round and get put to the back burner. We delayed redoing our city house kitchen until the October before we bought the farm and I had less than a year in it before my move. The bathroom there was just done last month and I still haven't even seen it!! Not the best plan. I say, take the leap and you'll discover how much happier you are with the new look than you were just thinking about it.
As soon as Jerome moves here we'll get right to tackling all the plans I have for "doing up the farm house." I want to enjoy this house for as long as I can.
Hope you feel better fast.

Simone said...

How lovely to see your smiling face Judy! Your kitchen is a lovely space. Are you sure you don't want to paint your cabinets 'snow white'! I am sorry to hear that you hurt youself, it must be very frustrating and painful too! There are many projects to be done in my house. The bedrooms and bathroom are the same as the previous owners left them 15 years ago!!! Drastic action is needed! x

Libby Fife said...

Lots of good stuff here! Take care of your shoulder though. And what a lovely shot of the evening setting sun and the snow. And I am all for a little change in the kitchen. Wouldn't milk white cabinets be lovely? So bright and airy.

Have a good week Jusy and take it easy:)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Lovely to see you smile! ~~~quick healing vibes for your arm~~~
Enjoy shuffling the kitchen´s energy. :) And thanks for the mention!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Thanks for saying hi and sharing how you're doing! I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder. Darn snow! Glad your hubby is home to take care of you. Two weeks is a long hubby and I are only good for a max of five days, then it's not pretty! Take good care my friend and enjoy those kitchen renos. We rent but I would LOVE to get my hands on our kitchen! xx

Anne said...

Sorry about your sore shoulder. I can't wait till snow is finished for the year, though you've gotten more than we have. Ugh! Come on flowers!

I'm excited about your kitchen project. I can imagine how wonderful it will look when you're done! I hope you share photos of the process and the "after".

Lovely photo of you, btw!

Hope you've had a good week!

Pam Perras said...

HI Judy,

I hope your shoulder and arm recover quickly. Those surprising setbacks are NOT fun! But, your kitchen project sounds like it will be! Spring is here—I noticed crocuses peeking through some leaves in my backyard. Enjoy your time with Bill! Take care, Judy.

cyndee starr said...

Glad you are finally seeing signs of spring. You've had more than your share of snow this year.

Jennifer Richardson said...

so sorry for the shoulder pain
....hope you're mending quickly
and being gentle with yourself.
i can't imagine how wonderful Spring must feel when you've waited so long in the snow and cold....must be a joyful magic
when it peeps through the dark.
joy to you in the Springing,