Sunday, July 21, 2013

Painting Fabric

Yesterday a thunderstorm broke the heatwave we've been experiencing for the past week, and today was breezy enough to spend some time painting fabric on the porch. I want to work on landscapes for a while, so I prewashed some textured cotton fabrics from my stash and went at them with my Setacolor fabric paints. I painted a few layers on this one, using brushes and a sea sponge for stippling.

I love the textural fringed edges!

I took a few minutes to use leftover paint for some leaves...


                                                                  and a potential rose!

These will be backed with fusible interfacing, trimmed and appliqu├ęd. As always, painting was a lot of fun and I hope to get to those landscapes soon!

Hope you've had a great weekend!


Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Glad you were able to spend some time creating Judy. The heat can really take all of our energy. Can't wait to see your beautiful landscapes soon!! xoxo

Libby Fife said...

Off to a great start as always! Very feminine and delicate looking also somehow. Perfect for some landscapes and flowers.

Sounds like the weather could have been a bit muggy. Yikes!

Anne said...

Lovely, Judy! Glad you're creating again. I totally understand about the heat. Our house is not air conditioned so when it's very hot it's hard to do anything at all.

Can't wait to see what happens next with these fabrics!

Jennifer Richardson said...

That is amazing, friend!
What you do with paint on fabric
makes me want to wear a scarf
you create:)
Ever think of selling scarves?
may the creativity angels
continue to stir your breezes,

Karen L R said...

love the colors and mood of these, judy.

what a summer it has been! wet, rainy, humid or blazing hot. not much in between. yuck!

we just have to hang in there, judy, and look forward to fall.


sharon said...

Beautiful, Judy, and I sense very satisfying to the artist!
Eager to see where this leads.
Sending good thoughts.

anna said...

Oh how beautiful these are Judy! I love those fringed edges too. I'd love to wear layers like that...

Simone said...

It looks like a fascinating process Judy. I look forward to seeing the finished result! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy!!
I really like what I see in the pictures!! I like your creativity!! Never stop!!!
...I look forward to see how it will turn out!

Gwen said...

Hi Judy
You say you have been an absentee, me also, for quite a long time. Life gets so busy. But I am back now for a while and thought I would visit your lovely blog. Your fabric painting is wonderful, the colours and textures are wonderful. Can't wait to see more :)