Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Greek Odyssey - Final Thoughts

While in Greece, we had many memorable eating experiences,
including sharing meals with our host Angelo's family.
With them, we shared lamb and lemon potatoes,
spinach pie, bread and garlic spiced yogurt dip,
and, at every meal, a very fresh Greek salad:
fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, oil and vinegar dressing,
black olives and a large slice of seasoned feta cheese!

We went to a restaurant one evening, right by the water,

where we ate freshly caught fish with lemon.

Another evening we traveled over twisty roads,
high up into the mountains,
to a restaurant with spectacular views,

and there we had a dinner of rooster and spaghetti!

One day on the beach, we were offered freshly caught 
sea urchin eggs called "uni".

On the last evening of our stay in Monemvasia,
we went to a festival in a neighboring village.
The village square was filled with family and friends
and the live band played continuous music, as one singer 
replaced the previous one with no interruption. 
The sounds of spoken Greek, laughter, and children's
exclamations provided a warm atmosphere.
When the dancing began, I felt mesmerized by the
sight of people of all ages dancing the centuries old dance, 
which I think is named Kalamatianos.
These are not great photos, but the dance is done in a circle, arms raised,
with a very distinctive pace. People would join the circle
or leave the circle without a hitch, and at times there would be
a circle within a circle- young, old, children, families -
and it went on and on for hours.
I felt privileged to be witnessing such a beautiful tradition.

On our way back to Athens, where we would leave for home,
we visited the site of the original Olympic Games.

The stadium was merely a dirt field, and the "bleachers" were sloping lawns.

Throughout the grounds there were ruins of ancient buildings and temples...

and the museum housed some beautiful statues and exhibits.

This trip was so much more than a vacation -
it was a very moving and memorable experience
which I'll never forget.

I bought a few.
But the most precious is a collection of found stones and shells,
collected on the shores of the Aegean Sea.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

Hope you're having a very good week!


Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

What a magical trip Judy! Thank you for sharing this experience with us. xx

cyndee starr said...

Thanks for sharing your trip, great pictures.

Simone said...

Most definitely a holiday of a lifetime Judy. I wonder if your artwork will be influenced by your experiences? Thank you for sharing your happiness. x

sharon said...

It is clear by this extraordinary travelogue that there are fibers of Greece now woven into your self tapestry, Judy. The light and the spectacular colors will surely be a part of your palette for some time.
I agree, local stones and shells make the best sort of souvenir, beautifully shown in your sea blue bow, I must say. So happy for your experiences.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh Judy. How breathtakingly wonderful it all was....the food, the vistas, the skies, the water, and those found shells and stones are treasures to treasure
SO beautiful! I love the way you have them tucked safe and shining in that perfect sea-blue bowl
I'm so glad for you and your travels....thanks so much for sharing,

laubao said...

Hi Judy!
...what a lovely holiday you had!!
Beautiful landscape, food and company!
...I wish I had that sun now here!