Friday, September 27, 2013

Life Goes On...

I'm very happy to say that our kitchen, which used to look like this...

 now looks like this!

  I've been lining drawers and shelves 
and putting dishes, pots and pans into their new homes.
All that's left to do is to repaint the base of our pedestal table and buy new chairs.
I can't wait to sit here every morning, as I check emails and make lists, 
glad that all the noise and lack of privacy is over, and very happy with the results!

Meanwhile, outside in the yard,
 my usually prolific hydrangea bush produced no blossoms this summer,
that is, until a few weeks ago,

when a few beautiful blooms showed their pretty faces, an end-of-summer surprise.

I've had a bit of heartache lately, the deaths of two special people in my life,
 totally unrelated to each other, 
which have left me feeling sober and saddened.
There are some people in this world who make us better and enrich our lives,
 and each of these did that for me.
 I will miss their wisdom, guidance and kindness.
Wonderful people - Sheila and Joe.

"Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another."
                                                                                             George Eliot

I hope that everyone who reads this 
has had a good week, with moments of love and inspiration.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Andrea said...

Looks fabulous! What a difference ( love the wall color...perfect choice! ). Congratulations & enjoy.

Simone said...

Your new kitchen looks wonderful Judy. A lovely light,spacious and usable space. I am sorry to hear about the passing of your loved ones. I hope that your heart starts to heal and that you find peace and joy over the coming months. x

Libby Fife said...

Your kitchen looks rather fabulous! I know you will enjoy being in it and doing what you love to do:)

I am sorry that you lost two dear people. It's always shocking and saddening isn't it? Great quote too from George Eliot.

Custom Comforts said...

So sorry for the loss of two dear friends. It is always sobering to realize that death will come to us all sooner or later, and we are never ready for it.
On the other hand, your kitchen looks fabulous! What a difference and cheerful place it looks now. I would be so thrilled with it too. Enjoy.

Karen L R said...

sending you comfort and love, judy, across the miles. xo

Jennifer Richardson said...

Big tender hug to you
in your grieving the losses,
friend...hope you're giving yourself lots of grace in the
So happy for you and that bright
and shiny new kitchen upgrade's beautiful!
So inviting and warm.
Enjoy...hope you savor many a joyful time in that cozy space:)

sharon said...

A human consequence of loving deeply is true sadness at loss. Sheila and Joe have left their fibers woven deeply into your self tapestry Judy and there they'll remain adding their own unique colors to your days. Your own lovely fibers are deeply imbedded in so many lives, you should be reminded and thanked for that often. May your heart feel lighter.

Anne Butera said...

You kitchen transformation is lovely! Congratulations.

And thank you for sharing those gorgeous photos from your Greek adventures. What an experience you had!

I'm glad your hydrangeas were able to bring you a bit of late summer beauty. Every time I saw mine this summer, I thought of you.

Sending love. I hope you can find some comfort in the face of heartache.

From Your Mindseye said...

Judy, I love your new kitchen. How fun to work in new space with great appliances. Enjoy it in good health.