Saturday, October 26, 2013

An Art-Filled Weekend!

Last Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, Fall day - perfect for two art events in our town.
Both took place on the same street, so the flow of traffic benefitted both!


I had a table at the "Artisan Affair" show, which had painting, ceramics, pottery and jewelry!

It was held in the Press Room of our local paper, The Daily Item,
with newspaper presses and machinery in the background. Very funky!

I had worked hard to create some new work, and mixed with older work.
it made a decent display.



These are some newer landscapes...


It was worth the effort, because I sold 5 pieces of work, which came as quite a surprise!
(Although it was hard to let go of some pieces that I was particularly fond of!)

This is the lady who had the table next to mine - gorgeous pottery!
I bought the red bowl on the right side of the table!

Across the street and further down the street, our Arts Collaborative had two gallery displays 
and all kinds of entertainment!

A demonstration by my friend Andrea on using a Gelli Plate for 
fabric and paper printing! I want to try this!

And in the evening, a reception for the artists and some beautiful
music from a very talented singer, Molly Mae!


It was a fantastic weekend, and I'm so glad to have been part of such 
exciting efforts to promote the arts!

Hope you're having a
terrific weekend!


Custom Comforts said...

Love your framed needlework Judy! I originally thought you were displaying paintings, but then on close up, I could see the stitches and fabric. You have a good eye for mixing your fabrics and they are just lovely. So glad you were able to sell a few to make it a successful day.

Michelle V. Alkerton, mixed media artist said...

Wow! Looks like a fun weekend and CONGRATULATIONS on selling FIVE!!!! pieces :). Woo Hoo! I particularly liked the birches and the landscape with the poppies in the foreground.
Stay inspired!

Simone said...

I am so glad that the weekend worked out well for you Judy and that you sold five pieces of work. That is a wonderful achievement. x

From Your Mindseye said...


You're a rock star!!!!Five pieces sold, congratulations. Your new pieces are lovely.
I know how hard it is to part with work that you are fond of. I haven't been faced with that because I never seem to sell anything. But maybe one day.
It sounds like a wonderful Fall weekend.


Libby Fife said...

You have wonderful pieces to show! I knew you would do well. Looks like a great venue also and an active arts community. You are very lucky!

Anne Butera said...

Congratulations, Judy! What a wonderful weekend you had. Your work is beautiful!

sharon said...

I do love your landscapes, Judy. Kudos on your success, difficult as it was to let go of some of your lovelies. Imagine what pleasure they'll bring wherever they hang.

laubao said...

Hi Judy!!
What beautiful works you made!! I'm not surprised you sold them!! ..really beautiful landscapes!!
I like your creativity a lot!
Take care!!

Karen L R said...

Congratulations Judy! Well done! (Those birches are especially beautiful!). I am very happy for you.