Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quilt Collage Class Update

Last night was our 5th quilt collage class with Amy Ropple
 after arriving, everyone quickly spread out their collages and got to work.

My friend Barbara, who makes costumes for a local theater company as well as running a machine quilting business, decided to use this beautiful gown as the subject of her collage.

It's even more stunning in person and you can see the beautiful quilting in the background.

Another class member, Amy, is working on this coffee themed collage with a pieced background.

I love the graphic quality  and the colors.

Barbara (we have 2 Barbaras and 2 Amys!), who fosters cats available for adoption,
chose to work on this collage of one of her babies!

It looks so sweet against the blue background.

I spent time beading the center of one of my poppies,

and our instructor, Amy, worked on one of her beaded vessels.

These classes are a lot of fun and there's a good amount of chatting and laughing
going on as we bead and stitch. Our last class is scheduled for the week after New Year's and by that time we should have our beading and embellishment finished and be ready for borders. Lots of work to do before then!!

Meanwhile, today I caught our two cats napping in the dining room with sunshine streaming through the windows - pure contentment. Just had to snap a photo!

Hope you've had a great week so far!!


cyndee starr said...

These are all awesome. What a beautiful gown.

Simone said...

Inspiring quilting and I love the expression on the face on the cat quilt! Your cats are so lovely Judy. It looks like they are sharing bunk beds! One on top and one below!!! x

Libby Fife said...

It looks like they are in cat bunk beds!

Glad that the class is going well. The conversation alone makes things worthwhile doesn't it? And your collage is looking super too:)

Karen L R said...

Truly upstairs/downstairs cats! Great photo, Judy!

And so many creative collages!

sharon said...

Isn't it amazing what variety you see in class?! Great fun.
Cats, they sure bring joy to the every day. Great photo.

From Your Mindseye said...


I was able to catch up with your last few blogs today. I love the bookcase that you refurbished. And the snow poem really touched my heart. That, along with your art, would make a beautiful Christmas card. I love the fabric piece you are beading. The addition of the black mesh really makes it interesting. You amaze me.


Anne Butera said...

Wonderful photo of your napping kitties!

Glad your class has been good. What wonderful things everyone has been creating! Your poppies are gorgeous!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Thanks for sharing the work of your classmates Judy. I love the variety of images but you can really see the quality and skill of each artist. Looks like a wonderful class. Love your sleeping babies, they always find the best spots... xx