Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sketchbook and an Inspiration Board

One project from last week's sketchbook class 
was making a collage picture from scraps of magazine pages.
I used a calendar picture of a scarlet tanager as the inspiration for my drawing.
Then I collected red and black areas of color from magazines, ripped
small pieces and collaged the different scraps together.
It was a fun exercise, but messy, and I finished it today!

And I'm still working on getting my sewing room/studio into shape,
so I made an inspiration board to get me going!

My goal is a warm, inspiring, organized space where I want to go
to create. I'm so lucky to have a room of my own, but have so many interests
it's hard to keep all of my materials organized. The sketch in the center is my sewing table 
which is in front of a large window. I'm looking forward to getting everything in order
so that I can go in, find what I need and get to work!

Does anyone else out there have trouble with being organized?

I hope that everyone who reads this has had a pleasant weekend!


Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh joy! I love your little collaged redbird! That just makes my heart smile wide:)
And I so feel you about the organization wobble we often feel.
My "workroom" is my dining room/kitchen table area so I have to be ridiculously organized in a way that also pleases my eyes
so it's a good discipline but I soooooo long for a space of my own
to just spread out and play and leave my projects out until they're finished in my own sweet time:) I do find my creativity flows more juicy when I've got order that eases my mind.
Peace to you in the puzzleworking:)

sharon said...

I often think how talented you are, Judy, not only to produce works that speak to the heart so, but to have the visions of them in the first place. I find that step the hardest, seeing something in my mind's eye before I begin to bring it to life.
Your bird is a delight.
Do put your studio in order, as I'm eager to see more of what occurs there.
Happy last Monday of February from sunny but cold Wisconsin.

Simone said...

I love the bird collage and the inspiration board is a work of art in itself! I really need to get organised too. I make a start and then get distracted and end up in even more of a mess! x

From Your Mindseye said...

I wish I had a space of my own where I could leave everything out, ready to be worked on at a moment's notice. i work in a corner of my kitchen, looking out to my patio. I love it but it is limiting. It does force me to be organized though.

I wish I had the time to create as much as you do Judy. I know you are alone a lot with your husband on business. Mine works late every night but by that time of day, I'm ready for relaxation. Someday, when we retire I hope to be more productive. Love the pretty.


Shell said...

Your collage is beautiful. It was well worth the time you took to create it.

Anne Butera said...

Hi, Judy!

Nice to have a bit of time to visit your blog again. I've missed it!

I can relate to your desire for an organized studio space. I love my studio, too, but I think it's just the nature of the beast that it will get disorganized during the creative process. Having plenty of surfaces as work spaces does help and I try to keep one free and open so I can take whatever I'm currently working on and get to it.

Love your little collaged bird. :)

Lyn said...

Judy I know what you mean about trying to keep everything organised in one room.....good luck. X