Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So Happy

Last night, the sky was beautiful...

and my husband, who has been away on business in China for three-
count them - THREE weeks, came home at last.
 When I heard his car in the driveway,
I ran down the stairs with two cats under my feet,
and out the door to greet him.
Great big hug and kiss - so happy to have him back home!!
He brought me British magazines from Hong Kong, 
and a lovely necklace,

but truly,
it was all about his being back with me.

Feeling blessed.

Hope you're having a sunny day!


Simone said...

So pleased fo you that your husband is back home safe and well. It must be such a worry for you when he goes away on long trips. How very thoughtful of him to buy you magazines and a lovely necklace too! x

Karen L R said...

Well that's about the best joy in June I can imagine, having Bill back home! xo

sharon said...

Welcome home, Bill. He sure does know is girl. That necklace is perfect for you, Judy! And though Jerome has been here full time since the end of LAST June, I still very clearly remember how the heart would get to racing when I'd see his little red Jeep come up the road.