Monday, August 31, 2015

Daily Sketch - "Sandra"

Today, a little sketch in pencil. I decided that her name should be Sandra.

This has been a tough week, and it's only Monday. My sister had a heart attack,
which came as quite a shock, and, although she has been stabilized, 
it opens up a whole discussion about whether she'll be able to live by herself.
It's difficult - so I'm escaping for a bit of time each day, into my sketchbook, 
and that is a very nice place to go.

Hope your week has started off well!


Nan and =^..^= said...

A beautiful drawing....I love the faces you create...there's a story there, too.

Am so sorry to hear about your sister but I hope all will be well and your sister has a good recovery and everything works out fine.
Take good care.

Anonymous said...

Sending healing vibes for your sister and a (big hug) for you. Sketching is a great stress reducer.
Stay inspired!

sharon said...

So difficult to witness the suffering of a loved one and not be able to make it all better. I'm certain that having your company and your love are the best medicine you can offer right now. You share so much history, so many sister moments. Perhaps in dusting off the memories and laughing together you can sweeten her days as no one else can.
Holding you both close, Judy.
Sandra is enchanting, by the way.

Libby Fife said...

Oh Judy! I am so sorry about your sister. I hope that things will improve for her, that she will have a good outcome. I am glad that you are getting a little comfort from sketching. It's probably a good distraction.

Take care of yourself, Judy.

Simone said...

Dear Judy I am so sorry to visit you so late after the news about your sister. I hope that the art you are producing gives you some respite from all the worry. I hope also that your sister is on the mend. x

Shell said...

Judy, I am hoping your sister is healing now. She still will be able to live on her own. Sending you much love.

Anne Butera said...

Catching up on things out of order here. I hope you are feeling better (and of course, that your sister is healing well). Your sketch is lovely. You do faces so well. I'm glad that you're finding escape in your sketchbook.

Sending healing thoughts your (and your sister's) way.