Thursday, August 20, 2015

Starting Sketchbooks - Again!

This week I decided that I want to do some kind of drawing or sketching every day. I'm so inspired by Jennifer at August Wren, who does daily paintings. I really love her work.

So I spent some time at my local art supply store. When I go there I need to carefully peruse every aisle -  it's just so inspiring! I finally focused on sketchbooks and fell in love with this small art book for my purse. It's light enough to be manageable, has a magnetic closure and hard covers - perfect! Then I wanted something that would stand up to watercolor pencils. I ended up going to the paper aisle and found this Strathmore mixed media pad. Thick pages, nice size (6 x 8 1/2) and spiral bound - just what I wanted.

 When I got home, I covered the larger pad with a fabric I like. The smaller sketchbook went straight into my purse and was put into action the next day while Bill and I took a little trip. 

 Just little doodles - I'm in the habit of making little sketches when I'm riding in the car or waiting for appointments. Now I need to get in the habit of doing larger drawings and paintings each day.

I'm planning to put my sketches and paintings on my blog. Some of them will be inspirations for fabric art, some will be just for fun! Hope you'll give me some feedback to keep me going!

Wishing everyone beautiful summer days filled with lots of creativity!
Thanks for stopping by!


shawkl said...

What a lovely idea! Wish I could draw or paint and I'd join you! But, you have inspired me to just find some way to be creative each day. Hugs, Kathy

Simone said...

I love the books you chose Judy and the fabric on the larger one gives a lovely personal touch. x

sharon said...

Wahoo. Love looking at your drawings… they make me so happy. Good luck with your new endeavor.

Anne Butera said...

Love, love, love! So glad you've embarked on a sketchbook adventure, Judy! So excited to follow along!