Monday, April 4, 2016

Getting Ready

As I sit here in my home just north of Boston, snow is falling steadily and it is extremely cold. Luckily, I have plenty to do inside, getting ready for a collaborative art exhibit later this week. I just wanted to share a couple of the pieces I've been working on.

This piece is made with fabric, both hand painted and commercial. The banks of flowers are painted pieces of Warm and Natural batting and I've added some fiber embellishments as well as hand embroidery. Lots of hours invested in this and it's satisfying to finally mat and possibly frame it!

Another landscape in process, now completed. Again, lots of embellishments - laces, netting, yarn, hand embroidery. Already matted and ready to be shrink wrapped.

I have a couple more to be finished - ready a few days ahead of time!! A good feeling!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!



Simone said...

Beautiful work Judy! I want to walk into your pictures and live there!!! x

sharon said...

Weather here is beastly. Just seeing these beauties cheers me completely.
Wish I could attend the exhibit.
best wishes.

Anne Butera said...

Seems like we've had more snowy days this April than I remember having in past years. I know eventually it will be finished, but it's hard to be patient.

Your landscapes are always so lovely, Judy! Best of luck with your show!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work ! love it