Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sewing Landscapes!

As I prepare for a show in October, I've been busy, busy, busy, sewing and framing landscapes. Here are a few in-progress photos…

I did this picture last year, but added a few more touches, as well as a linen mat and a frame.

This is an older picture which, again, I touched up and matted, and I will add a frame.

I'm sewing some French knot flowers in the foreground here - again it will have a mat and frame.

This picture combines faux suede, cotton and kimono fabric scraps. I'm keeping it pretty simple. 

This is the lace tree from my last post. I need to add a few more touches to this.

I worked for years in art and framing galleries and my experience is coming in handy lately.
This is my trusty hand mat cutter. It does a good job and I have a lot of mat board scraps to use.

There are a few more pictures which I'll show later. The show is October 15, so I'm in pretty good shape. I keep saying that this is the last show I'll do, with landscapes at least. They are a lot of work! What I'm looking forward to doing is more fun things - little stitched sketches, some collages, maybe a doll or two? I do have a little crafty addition I'm working on for this show - I'll post pictures next time!

I hope that everyone who reads this is enjoying these final days of summer.
Coming up - my favorite season:
Have a great rest of the week!!


Karen L R said...

Such gorgeous Judy, as usual! You've been BUSY!
I am looking forward to waking up to fall tomorrow too. xoxoxox

Simone said...

Your work is beautiful Judy! Autumn (fall) is one of my favourite times of the year (spring too!) I look forward to clear bright days and cooler nights. I am glad that you are being kept busy with your upcoming show Judy. I would love to be there in person! x

Anne Butera said...

These are all so lovely, Judy. The colors are just delicious!!

I'm excited to see more photos of what you're working on and what you've been planning.

How wonderful that you can mat your pieces yourself, too. Someday I'd like to make my own mats and convince Matthias to make some frames for me, too. Ah, the list of projects just goes on and on. ;)

Happy autumn to you, my friend!! Hope it is beautiful.

sharon said...

Sorry I missed seeing this post before today… I could have used the blessings they carry during the trials of the past week. Your use of color, attention to detail, and flawless designs take my breath away and curiously fill my soul at the same time. I so wish I could see these at the upcoming show.
Nice to have a mat cutter. It's a useful tool and more than useful skill to use one.
Autumn arrived in a raging temper on the 22nd. Perhaps the days to come will be of milder spirit. Already the light has changed dramatically and our flock is eager to nestle in for the night just past 7. Today there is enough sun to recharge the solar lanterns and we have a chance to see the night sky unimpeded.
Sending you love and good wishes.