Saturday, January 28, 2017

Friday Faces - (on Saturday!)

She lived in a time when women were silenced,
 docile and obedient,
 not allowed to vote.

She was a gentle soul, a hard worker, 
a dedicated mother and devoted wife.
She had opinions, but kept them to herself.
Her mind was filled with ideas, desires,
questions and resentments,
but these thoughts remained locked inside.

When I was making this picture, with machine and hand stitching and a scrap of
fabric, I was thinking about how wonderful it is that, these days, after years of struggle, women are able to express themselves, vote, protest and march for their beliefs. When I flipped the embroidery over, I realized how much more expressive the reverse side was. 
Women silenced.
Never again!

1 comment:

Simone said...

The reversed side is fascinating Judy! The mouth stitched over is so poignant. We are lucky in the Western World that we can voice our thoughts and opinions without fear of retribution. I really enjoyed this post. Embroidery reversed. Interesting so see what it reveals! x