Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Faces

Today is a challenging day for me and for many Americans. I'm having a quiet day, reflecting on the need for peace and positive alignment in our country and the whole world. That said, I did this quick drawing to show my support of my daughter Kate, who will be joining the Women's March in Washington tomorrow. I pray that this will be an empowering and peaceful event.

Wishing all a very good weekend!


Michelle said...

Sending positive vibes to you, Kate and all who are participating in Women's Marches across the globe.
Stay inspired!

Lyn said...

sending hugs across the water, I can't believe it is happening really. We must just hope all will be well xxx

Karen L R said...


sharon said...

A firm believer in the power of corporate prayer, I am sending up my support to Kate, Lindsey, Hannah, Gretta, and every other mother's child.