Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kindred Spirits Down the Path - An Exhibit

It began with an invitation -
an exhibit of work by a family of artists
who are also lovers of nature
and good friends of mine.

It was a beautiful day Sunday.
When my husband, my friend Elaine (one of the artists), 
and I first arrived at the reception, we met up with 
Elaine's daughter, Karen, and Karen's daughters (here with Elaine).
Karen, of course, is the author of the beautiful blog Sew and Sow Life.
I met Karen through her mother in 2009, and we have been friends 
through our blogs and in person ever since.

The gallery space at North River Sanctuary was beautiful

and the artwork, nature inspired and thoughtfully rendered
was on display in two large rooms.
I'll share some of the work and try to explain the relationship of each
artist to my friend Elaine.

(I'll start by saying that photos were challenging because of the glare of the glass.)

These are pieces by Elaine, who has worked in pencil, pen and ink,
calligraphy and needlework. She has also done many posters and bulletin boards
for her local library and the school at which she worked for years.


Elaine's late husband, Alan Lowry, had created many beautiful works in watercolor


as well as the amazing pen and ink drawing below.

Alan's grandfather, Dr. Albert Billings, painted in gauche
and his work made me want to walk right into his paintings.


Elaine's son and Karen's brother, Doug, creates
 Beautiful serigraphs -

Elaine's youngest son Nelson, the first Lowry I met back in 
1982, when we worked together in an art and framing gallery, 
had some wonderful mixed media pieces in the show.
I couldn't seem to get good pictures of them, but they were made with tape
and paint. Nelson is also an Emmy winning TV and movie art director,
as well as an old friend.

Elaine's niece, Kristen Johnson, works in cut paper
and her work is elegantly clean and simple. 

And finally, artwork by Karen Lowry Reed, Elaine's daughter.
Her artwork appeals to me in a very special way, 
because I love fabric, fiber and texture,
In my mind, I compare Karen's work to poetry, because it is 
exquisitely serene and infused with meaning and symbolism.

Over 120 people came and, toward the end of the reception,
Elaine, Nelson, Doug, Karen and Kristen posed for a photo:
Kindred spirits down the path of nature and art!

A very lovely exhibit and an enjoyable afternoon!

You can read Karen's thoughts about the day here.


Karen L R said...

Thank you for this lovely account of the day, made all the more special by your light-filled presence. Love to you and Bill, too. xo

Judy Hartman said...
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Simone said...

This looks like an inspiring exhibition by a very talented family! So glad that you got to be part of it Judy. Your friend 'mumsie' looks like a great character.x

Anne Butera said...

Wonderful! Thank you for taking so many photos from this wonderful exhibition!!


quiltcat said...

Hi Judy. Thanks for the lovely pictures of Karen and her extended family's artwork. It must have been such a wonderful show to see in person.

Lori W said...

Hello Judy,
I recently purchased a watercolor which I believe may be the work of the late Alan Lowry. It was mis identified (misspelled) as Alan Loury. I would love to be able to share a photo of the work and verify whether it is his work. The subject is railroad tracks over a viaduct, through a marshy landscape. Not sure how to be in touch with Mrs. Lowry to share a photo of the painting. Can you help? I cannot post it here in this comment box.
Thank you,
Lori Ward