Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Work in Progress

Before the holidays I cut out a couple of windows from white fabric backed with fusible web, then added some landscape fabric in the background. Then they went into a drawer and were forgotten.
I just came across one of them and decided to put a woman and her cat in front of the window. I made a little sketch and tried it out.

I got my inspiration from this pretty vintage photo I found on the internet, which I modernized.

Then I wondered whether the figure in my first sketch was a bit small, so I enlarged it. Better, I think.

I think there needs to be a table with a lamp or flowers in front of the widow. We'll see!
 Fun to play!

This is how I do many of my appliqué pictures. Now to transfer the elements to fabric, cut out the small pieces, put them all back together and sew.  I'll share it when it's done.

Thanks for visiting.
Hope you're having a very good week!


Karen L R said...

I love "process" posts. It's such fun to see how differently/similarly we all work. Thanks for showing us a bit of how you work, Judy.

sharon said...

I agree with Karen. We all learn a bunch from seeing your process.

Simone said...

That's great Judy! I love the view beyond the window! x

Jennifer Richardson said...

You make me want to wiggle my shoulders a little more
and lighten up! And I just looked down at the beginning of your
previous post and see your beautiful handiwork saying just exactly that:) Brilliant:)
Thanks for your shiny perspective:)