Friday, March 10, 2017

Back Home!

I've been away with my husband on a trip to California where we visited family and had a lovely, restful week. I had my iPad with me and somehow was not able to capture my photos on Blogger (I'm used to using my laptop at home), so was unable to blog.

I did some sketches while away, and a tiny bit of embroidery. Here are the drawings I did on the plane.

I'm hoping to turn them into colored drawings soon. My re-entry back into "real" life has been a bit challenging, especially when leaving behind beautiful sunshine and returning to freezing temps and, today, snow! And promises of a hearty Nor'easter next week!

I'll post again soon with photos from our trip.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!!


Simone said...

Welcome back Judy! I wondered where you had been! Your sketched characters have so much personality - I can see that you enjoy inventing them! Have a great weekend doing things you love to do. x

sharon said...

So enjoyed the photos you posted on Instagram. Happy to know you and Bill were somewhere together, warm, lovely, restful. I'm glad I have a link to your photos so I didn't worry about your absence from your blog.
We're under a winter storm warning beginning tomorrow. Could be a significant snowfall. Hope not. Last week we had winds over 50 mph for two days and nights which really rocked the house up here on the ridge, but surprisingly didn't cause too much trouble. A few fences down and some branches. Thankfully we never lost power. Luckily we didn't need to go anywhere but to the mailbox and chicken yard a few times a day.
Happy belated birthday to Kate. Sweet that we both have daughters born in March.
Good luck with your sister's slipper sox. You'd think there would be some good options out there with all the people who could benefit from them. I had the same problem when my mom was alive. I hope life for your sister has settled down and that you are feeling less of a strain. So hard when you can't "make it all better" for people you love.
Sending hugs.

Anne Butera said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely vacation, Judy. California sunshine sure sounds nice about now. At least March snow doesn't last too long.

Your sketches are wonderful. Your people always have such personality. I bet they have interesting stories, too!


Karen L R said...

Hooray for sun-shiney getaways! So glad you had a break from all that weighs you down, buddy. Looks like many of us are bracing for one last(?) blast of winter.
Love your sketches.

Shell said...

Thank you for sharing how your husband tracked down the same brooch that Jack have to Phryne for you. That is so romantic and sweet. Made my heart melt. Glad you got to enjoy that beautiful California sunshine.