Friday, March 31, 2017

Happy Spring!

As I hear rain and sleet flicking against the window behind me and watch the weatherman on TV predicting snow all day tomorrow,  I try to convince myself that it is, indeed, Spring. I have purchased a little primrose plant and some tulips from the supermarket, to tide me over until shoots actually push through the hard winter soil. Spring will come, but it is definitely taking its time!

This morning we had a beautiful dawn, as recorded by my neighbor in this photo of my house. This is the back of the house and you can see the porch I love so much over to the right. Unfortunately I was still sleeping at the time this was taken and missed the lovely show!

I've been taking an evening class in Paper Collage this month and it's been a lot of fun. We have one more class left, then we'll go on to a new one - possibly drawing. The same core group of people  (including me) take classes together, so we have great camaraderie and many laughs as we work.
The first piece is the one I'm working on, and a sampling of others' creations are below

We are doing these pieces on canvas with an acrylic medium holding the paper in place.

I hope all who read this will have a great weekend.
I'm crossing my fingers that this will be our last snowfall of the year!

Happy Spring!!


Karen L R said...

I haven't done paper collage in years and years...these are such fun and inspirational. Yours, Judy, is especially lovely. Such a good idea...taking classes with the same group over time!
We have a fresh foot of snow here in Vermont, with more to come today. This really must stop. :-)

sharon said...

Just can't find primroses in my neck of the woods. It's one of the things I miss about living near many amazing garden centers, nurseries, and gardens. There is a place in LaCrosse that told me they'd have pansies near Easter...
Love the work you've posted here.

Simone said...

Great collage work Judy! I will swap some sun for some snow! It was so warm here today - unseasonably warm. I haven't seen any snow for years. I do hope that your spring comes soon though. My Lily of the Valley is just coming up now and I will put some in vases once in flower. x