Monday, April 3, 2017

100 Days of Faces!

I'm joining a group on Instagram, a challenge called
The 100 Day Challenge.
Yes, 100 days, and my choice of subject is "Faces".

As I read about this project, what struck me was that
this is a good way to really improve in doing something,
and I would like to improve in my ability to draw faces.
I'm not quite sure how I'll go about this - some days a sketch,
some a painting or stitched piece - I'll have to see.
My head is full of ideas and my goal is to loosen up
and have fun.

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!


Karen L R said...

wow. this is very ambitious, judy! i look forward to seeing your faces, even tho i think you do a great job with them already! xo

Simone said...

Nice face! She reminds me a little of Lauren Bacall! x

sharon said...

An amazing challenge you've given yourself. Lucky us to be able to gaze on the new characters that arise from your hand. Best wishes along the way.

Anne Butera said...

So fun to catch up with all your faces, Judy. What great practice it will be to draw and stitch faces for 100 days!!



Shell said...

Hi Judy. I finally joined Instagram. So I can watch your 100 days from your blog and Instagram.