Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Handmade Joy Exchange 2017

The wonderful Anne Butera from the blog My Giant Strawberry has hosted yet another wonderful Handmade Joy Exchange this year and I was fortunate enough to be a participant!
My "Joy Partner" was Nichole from Vermont, who sent me a lovely package of handmade items, carefully placed in a deep green cloth bag, which I am anxious to use as a canvas for embroidery!

Inside the bag there was 
(1)a hand bound vertical sketch pad, the cover of which was embellished
 with beautiful calligraphy and watercolor flowers
(2) an original watercolor painting of a bouquet of flowers with a sweet green matting
and (3) a hand made patchwork pincushion with a pretty pewter button in the center!

I commented to Nichole, when I received her package, that it always strikes me, when I do this exchange, how kind people are and how talented. Receiving this package from a perfect stranger, who worked so hard to make each item, makes me feel warm and hopeful. Since then, I've been following Nichole on Instagram and have seen even more lovely paintings of hers! 

The person for whom I was to make something is Joan, a wonderful woman who has a cat rescue and adoption center on a small island in Greece. The center is called God's Little People, and you can read a bit about Joan here.
Being a cat lover myself, I could think only about making something having to do with cats!
I decided on this pillow with cats made with wool appliqué and the name embroidered in the middle.

Here are close-ups of some of the cats I was inspired by on Joan's blog, including one little blind cat.

Joan enjoyed the pillow and we have kept in touch through Facebook.

All in all, the Handmade Joy Exchange has been a very enjoyable experience!

Thank you Anne, for hosting this great exchange!!


Karen L R said...

Such lovely gifts all the way around Judy! Your kitties are especially cute, I love the thought of them sitting on a chair in Greece together. Kudos to Anne for another great exchange! xo

Anne Butera said...

Reading your post fills me with joy, Judy!! :) So glad you participated again! Oh, and I LOVE that sweet little blind kitty especially! :)


Karen said...

What lovely gifts--created and received! I especially love the fact that participants in this exchange are able to find out a bit about the person for whom they are creating. Your pillow is exquisitely made and must have been received with much joy! Love the calligraphy on the sketch pad you received as well---it's a skill I'd love to have!

Simone said...

Beautiful gifts given and received! The little cat faces are so cute Judy! x

Nichole W said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the exchange! I did too. I cannot wait to see what you do with the bag!