Thursday, June 22, 2017

Catching Up

I'm still doing the 100 Day Challenge -
for me, 100 days of faces!
I've been filling in my sketchbook, putting compatible
people side by side. This will make it amusing when 
I flip through it in the future.

This is Molly.

She is opposite her sister Sandy who,
she suspects, is something of a drama queen.

Here is Kevin and his dog Max...

They should get along well with Megan and her kitten.

Maureen is a proud mom,

who looks over and smiles fondly at her sweet daughter, Susie.

This is a little sketch of a lady named Jillian.

And this is James, who is glancing mischievously

across the way at his older sister, Maggie.
He will always be her kid brother!

Brenda is a nature lover

who loves to go hiking with her niece, May.
They are like sisters!

John doesn't quite know what to make of
Erika's advances!

They are residing next to a much younger couple,
Jenny and Bobby.

Peter seems to be totally captivated

by his neighbor, Amelia.

And Jacques wears a rose behind his ear

to tease his niece, Celeste.
He is her favorite uncle!

And finally, since I've missed a few days of the challenge here and there,
I did this drawing in celebration of women! I'll be putting it on the 
inside cover of my sketchbook.

I have to say, I've loved this challenge!
Just a couple of weeks to go!

Thank you for stopping by!


Simone said...

These are all such fun Judy! You have been so busy! I love all the little observations and 'extras' in the drawings such as the little bird and the rose behind the ear! Keep up the good work. It will be a great reference library of your work for you to use in the future.

Anne Butera said...

Wonderful, Judy! So glad you've challenged yourself and that you've been enjoying the challenge! It's really fun to see your people side by side and image all of their stories!

JenniferRipplespeak said...

Hello and happy Summering, Judy!
I love what you've been doing:) Such a treasury of imagination!
I wonder if you're writing a children's book or a whole slew of them
without even knowing it yet:) Just the first flutterings:)
Wonderful group of characters you've got there,