Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year

It's the evening of January first and I'm feeling a bit reflective, as I suddenly realize that this is my 12th year of blogging. It's also the year I'll be celebrating my 70th birthday. The latter fact seems impossible to me, yet it is true.

This has been a tough year in many ways, but I feel so fortunate to have something I'm passionate about which gives me joy and makes me feel fulfilled. Creativity buoys me up, both when I draw or stitch something beautiful, as well as when I enjoy and appreciate the work of other artists. I feel like I know so many creative people, through organizations I belong to, groups I stitch with, classes I take, bloggers I've become friends with, Instagram friends and others I've known over the years. Making, drawing, stitching, painting, beading, creating - these pursuits have been my salvation through good times and bad, and I'm very glad to have had a love for them ever since I was a child. They truly make life more joyful and even magical.

I've decided that my word for 2018 will be "SOAR". I want to fully commit myself to art-making this year, do a series of fiber art pictures for an exhibit, be more imaginative with my ideas and try to create stories with my images. I'm excited to try some new ideas and see where they take me.

I wish that wonderful blessings will come to everyone who reads this. Let's all have a terrific year, filled with love, creativity, good health and contentedness. Let's all be firm in our beliefs and strong in our convictions, and let us be good to each other. 

Happy New Year!
Judy xo


Darlene said...

A great word and I’m sure you will! I became aware of your work on instagram.... thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

Lyn said...

I will be with you on your journey Judy xxx

Laura P. said...

Beautiful fiber art and adorable cats, loved your blog!

Have an inspiring new year!

Laura xo

sharon said...

Blessings on your year ahead, Judy.
In your soaring we'll all be lifted up...

Simone said...

I hope you soar ahead in 2018 Judy! I will be with you all the way! x

Debra Dixon said...

Happy New Year!

I know you will soar & I'm ready to watch you!

iHanna said...

Big congratulations to both birthdays, your and the blog!

Happy new creative year Judy!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Soar, friend, soar:)
Wishing you a year of creative discovery that
makes your heart sing:)
Thanks for being so uniquely you:)

floresita said...

Happy Birthday! Hope this is a wonderful year for you to soar - thank you so much for your comment on Feeling Stitchy, so nice to meet you!

Wendy said...

your work is beautiful! I hope you come back to blogging

Anonymous said...

These are lovely words Judy.