Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Printing with my Gelli Plate and Noticing Spring

This morning I had a little over an hour to experiment
with my Gelli Plate, so I used a limited pallet of pale yellow,
orange and spring green and set to work - or rather, play!

As I used textured paper, stencils, lace and cut-outs,
the time flew by and I barely had time to clean up before going out!
I did have a motivation for doing this today -
tonight is the beginning of a new class I'm taking, Collage
and Mixed Media. These papers will be exciting to use!

We awoke this morning to a surprise layer of snow
on the ground, but by afternoon most of it had melted.
I always love to watch the progress of our forsythia bushes
in the spring, and the snow didn't harm them at all!

Soon these bushes will be laden with yellow blossoms!

Hope you are having a terrific spring day!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Early Spring Day

So nice to see the sun this morning!
Temperatures are still cool, so we look for Spring 
wherever we can find it!

A bouquet of tulips from a friend...

pansies waiting on my windowsill before being planted outside...

a project finally finished - flowered pillows for our sofa...

Angus enjoying the sunshine on our still chilly porch...

Rosie playing in the kitchen, getting treats the hard way…

At the moment, a cold has stalled me, but I've been working steadily
lately on downsizing my fabric and paper stash, and am finally seeing
results! I'll share my newly neat and tidy art room with you soon!


I'm wishing you a lovely spring day!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nuno Felting Workshop

Recently I took a workshop in nuno felting with some friends
We used silk chiffon and wool roving to create beautiful,
lightweight scarves through the process of wet felting.
If you are interested in this, there are many online tutorials for nuno felting.
Here we are, laying out our designs .

After much wetting, rolling and pounding, our designs became felted 
and enmeshed with the silk organza, resulting in a pretty scarf.
This is mine!

A fun day with friends and a new technique learned!

Hope you've had a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Un Beau Jour d'Avril!

I couldn't help myself! I love the French language, 
although it's been decades since I studied it in High School!
"A Fine April Day"and it is indeed that!

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and I'm
celebrating with some mums from the florist
popped into my mum's milk glass vase!!
What could be better?

I hope that everyone who reads this is having a very good day!

Sending you smiles!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back again!

Hello, hello! I'm not sure whether I've ever been away from my blog
 for so long as this last break, but it's good to be back!
It has been a tough winter, weather-wise, but a creative time for me.
I've been taking classes at a local studio called Create, and have hooked up
with a terrific instructor, Amy Ropple, and a very creative group of women.
Our last class together was called "Love Your Sketchbook",
which finished up earlier this month. We sketched, learned about perspective,
did some printmaking and collage, and had a great time together.

At our last class, we took an 'Ellen' inspired selfie of the group.
 The parrot is Amy's pet, Cairo,
who comes along to class some nights and is a great addition!

I had forgotten how much I loved to simply draw, and these are 
a few pages from my sketchbook.
Just for fun!

This last one is actually 3 pages deep.
The top page is the cats and windowsill,
the middle page is the window
and the bottom page is a photo from National Geographic
of albatross birds congregating on a beach.

Many of us have signed up for Amy's next class, which
starts later in April, called "Collage and Mixed Media".

As I said, I'm so glad to get back to my blog.
It is in its eighth year, and I love all the
blogging friends I've made through it over the years.
I'll try to post more often now -
still looking forward to Spring!!!

Hope you're having a great week!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Little Break

Dear Readers,

I'm taking a little break and doing some work on my blog.
I hope to be back soon with some fresh ideas 
and new work to share!

Just think - spring is on its way!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sketchbook and an Inspiration Board

One project from last week's sketchbook class 
was making a collage picture from scraps of magazine pages.
I used a calendar picture of a scarlet tanager as the inspiration for my drawing.
Then I collected red and black areas of color from magazines, ripped
small pieces and collaged the different scraps together.
It was a fun exercise, but messy, and I finished it today!

And I'm still working on getting my sewing room/studio into shape,
so I made an inspiration board to get me going!

My goal is a warm, inspiring, organized space where I want to go
to create. I'm so lucky to have a room of my own, but have so many interests
it's hard to keep all of my materials organized. The sketch in the center is my sewing table 
which is in front of a large window. I'm looking forward to getting everything in order
so that I can go in, find what I need and get to work!

Does anyone else out there have trouble with being organized?

I hope that everyone who reads this has had a pleasant weekend!