Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Little Drawing

I finished up this drawing today, enjoying the process and not worrying about the results. I used Micron pens, extra-fine Sharpies and watercolor pencils. This reminds me of Rosie, who tries to eat flowers. Looks like she is resting in a potential salad of blossoms! (Yes, I keep flowers away from her!)

(Click to enlarge)

Hope you are having a great week!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Savor Summer - Joy List Monday

I have a confession to make:
I am not a summer person.
I have a friend who loves summer so much, we call her "Summer Girl".
She loves the beach, being on Cape Cod, the ocean and walking in the sand.
I love air conditioning and fans, being inside and emerging on a cool day,
catching up on projects, and looking out at my tiny garden outside my porch.

So, my joy list today is about INSIDE projects!

I've been working on framing some prints I've had squirreled away for years.
I worked in an art and framing gallery in New York, so I've purchased a mat
cutter and tools over time and set up shop on my dining room table!

This is a cute card I found in my travels - don't know the artist.
It makes me smile.

This is a print of a painting by a friend. The light switch determined the hanging space.


I love Chagall!

We bought this poster the weekend my daughter's wearable technology work was exhibited 
at MOMA. We visited that museum and the Met - a great memory!

Love this Matisse print!

And some Georgia O'Keefe flowers in 2 different rooms.
Using ready-made frames and cutting mats myself saved a lot of money.
My husband gave me full rein to choose the artwork. (great guy!)

Another whimsical project - adapting a t shirt!
This inexpensive cotton shirt has a lot of beige in it, which 
is NOT a color that looks good on me.

So, I stretched it over a plastic bin cover and have started "coloring" it in
with some fabric paints, which will be permanent when I heat-set them.
I'm not being too careful, so progress is fast. I'm planning to make it "my"
colors - pinks, reds, purples and greens. I'll let you know how it comes out!

So, my joy list is

Being productive in the summer heat
Enjoying my air conditioned house
Preparing for a special visitor this week
Having fun with painting

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Joy List Monday

Again, joining with Anne Butera at My Giant Strawberry, I'm making a joy list! What fun!

I'm finding joy in:

The warm sun
The turkey family that visited this week
The beautiful green that is all around
A weekend spent with my wonderful husband
The beautiful blue sky 
My love of creativity, which feeds my soul
and finally, getting back to blogging!

Here's wishing you a fabulous week as we all
Savor Summer!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Savoring Summer

And so, we are into July already, and
I'm happy to be joining in on my friend Anne's celebration, 

 which she introduced on her blog recently.

What I'm taking from this is the chance to really notice the beauty of summer
and to make a Joy List every Monday, mentioning what I am savoring that week.
Here is my Joy List today:

I'm enjoying seeing my cats stretched out on the porch,

and keeping watch at the front door;

beautiful sunsets,

and our hydrangea bush in full bloom

as well as pretty yellow lilies!

Our days have been sunny, yet not too hot,
and I've been busy with organizing and a bit of artwork.

Hope you are savoring your summer days.
Wishing you a beautiful week!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

An Exhibit and A Reception

Since my last blog post, I've been working constantly on fabric pictures for an exhibit at the wonderful Create Artisan Studio, where I frequently take classes. I knew that I wanted to concentrate on faces, which I love to draw, and that evolved into the idea of adding little stories to them and calling the exhibit "Narrative Portraits". I then decided to focus on women, and they became "Empowered Women" - a lot to live up to!

Here are my ladies:


…and, finally, this is my depiction of my wonderful daughter:

The reception for the show was so heartwarming - a lovely turnout of old and new friends - more than I ever expected. Here are some photos:

And, finally, me with my supportive husband, Bill! Couldn't have done it without him!

It was so good to work so hard toward a goal and have such a satisfying result. I'm very grateful to have had this terrific opportunity!

Thanks so much for visiting!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Few Words About My Mom...

Today is Mothers Day and I'm thinking about my mom, who passed away in 2007. We had a really wonderful relationship and we spent a lot of time laughing together.

When we went shopping, usually at TJMax or Marshall's, off-price stores where we looked for bargains, we'd frequently get into fits of laughter as we pulled out improbable outfits for each other. We always ate lunch at Papa Gino's, where a seafood salad sandwich was our preferred choice. We had little rituals that were simple and fun. She was always grateful for our "days out".

At the age of 85, she was in rehab, after suffering two aneurisms which caused bleeding in her brain, she still made an effort to look at the humor in every situation. After surgery and a month in rehab, there came a day when she must have felt herself slipping away. She told me that she was going on a "big adventure", and that she was going to see my dad, who had died a few weeks earlier and "boy, is he going to be surprised!" My tears were mixed with laughter and I was devastated when she died the next day. My support, my rock and my partner in crime was gone - such a huge loss!

The day had gone dark and rainy, but very soon after mom had died, my niece Amy looked out the window and called over all of our family members who had gathered to see a beautiful rainbow in the sky! It was amazing timing and I do believe it was a sign that my mom had indeed begun her "big adventure".

I just felt like I needed to write about this today.
I hope everyone who is a mom, has a mom or memories of her mom, is enjoying a wonderful day, as I am.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring is Springing!

Today is a perfectly beautiful New England spring day! Our cats are lounging in the sunshine on the porch - their favorite place. When we got them from a shelter several summers ago, we made the porch their temporary home, with the screen door closed to the rest of the house. We spent a lot of time out their with them, keeping them contained while they let off some of their wild energy! After a month we brought them in, but they've always claimed the porch as their own, loving the afternoon sun.

Outside, the forsythias make a bright hedge against our neighbors' white fence, and the trees are sprouting their spring green leaves. This year, for the first time, I'm seeing some orangey blossoms among the yellows. Maybe the colors are extra bold because of the looong dreary winter!!

And when I arrived home a while ago, I was greeted by the once a year appearance of wild violets in the front lawn. I just love them.

This week I'll be buying some perennials for our front stairs and my container garden in the back yard.
Thoroughly enjoying the season!

Hope you're having a great week!