Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 Reflections


Last week Bill and I went to Toronto to spend Christmas with our daughter Kate and her partner Jason. There was the usual mad rush to get projects finished, gifts purchased and wrapped, and cards written beforehand. We also wanted to make sure that Perry was all set up comfortably with a new bed and plenty of food as our neighbor would be coming in to feed him.

When everything was done and we were finally on the plane, I had a sudden urge, being away from my usual surroundings, to write down some thoughts. There was a little notebook in my purse and, in it,  I wrote continuously, for more than a hour, about the things that had happened during this tumultuous year. I spilled out my feelings about my friend Ann's death, my grieving process, battles with my brother, the death of my aunt, my sister's decline, the loss of our little Rosie cat and sadness over Jason's mom's recent death. It felt like a cleansing ritual and when it was done I could feel a weight lifted from my shoulders. I also wrote about small successes, projects I had finished and friends I had connected with. Finally, I acknowledged all the blessings I have and promised myself to appreciate them more.

That done, we had a wonderful trip, walking around Toronto neighborhoods, eating dinner at a cozy diner and brunch at the Art Deco decorated Drake Hotel. Kate cooked a turkey dinner for us on Christmas day and we all went to see the new Star Wars movie on Boxing Day, followed by dinner at an atmospheric Italian restaurant! Best of all was spending time with our daughter and hearing about her plans for the future. She loves her job and her life in Canada. so we're happy that she is happy. That's all a parent can wish for.

Now, back at home, I'm looking forward to a new year, filled with possibilities. I finished this piece right before we left, and plan to do a lot more embroidery in the year to come.

Also, before Christmas, I did a big reorganization of my sewing room/studio, but there is much more purging to do. I'll share some pictures in my next post!

I hope that whoever reads this has a very happy New Years Eve and much happiness in 2020.


sharon said...

So happy to catch a glimpse of you once again through this window on your world.
It doesn't get much better for a mom than to spend time with her child and witness just how finely she turned out. We are so blessed.
Standing at the precipice of a new year is exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Every family has rough times and smooth ones, especially at our age. I try very hard to be grateful for the beautiful moments and give over to God what weighs on the heart.
You have many friends out here who hold you dear and wish you all the best in the coming year. Eager to see the work of your hands and heart in the days to come.
Be well and prosper, dear friend.

Simone said...

That embroidery is lovely Judy! Have you being doing any more? I wondered if you were still blogging and was happy to find this post (although I did discover it a little late).

Just to let you no that I deleted the instagram app so you won't find me there. I hope that 2020 is a wonderful year for you and your family. x

Joy Harris said...

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