Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fall in New England

What a day! Leaves are blowing and drifting, trees are becoming bare, and this all results in a blanket of yellow on everyone's lawn!
Like most people in this part of the world, my husband and I spent today doing lawn work. Bill raked leaves and I cut back our front bushes and cleaned up the perennial beds.

Here are a few of the trees around our yard which have yet to release their glorious leaves. More work for the future, but for now, so much beauty to enjoy!


KJ said...

I have one tree in front that will be releasing it leaves soon. It is rather slow because we have cold nights and hot days. I think our tree is confused. Similar trees on the other side of the street have already burst into their flames of glory. This leaves palm trees and trees, like Ficus, that stay green all year long. It would be kind of fun to rake leaves.

Oh happy day!

Tea Time and Roses said...

How amazing, I went by to visit my Mom and Dad on yesterday, and their yard too was a blanket of gold leaves everywhere! Lots of work to clean up, but oh so beautiful are the autumn colorway of the leaves! :o) Judy thank you so for your sweet comment regarding breast glad you are all better, that was indeed an encouragement to me...thank you so much. You and your family have a beautiful Thanksgiving...

Hugs to you...