Friday, January 11, 2008


Yes, I know that Christmas is over, but I wanted to share this Santa ornament I made in California three weeks ago. My daughter Kate had come to our family vacation with a Rudolph ornament kit which included a red LED bulb for his nose. You can see the felt reindeer shape on the placemat in the photo on the left. Following directions, we did simple stitching with conductive thread along the reindeer's body, connecting one end to one side of the LED bulb, and the other end to where the round 3 volt lithium battery rubbed against the felt of his body. The same thing was done on the other side of his body and, when the thread touched both sides of the battery, Rudolph's nose lit up!!
I decided to take it one step further and designed a Santa with a green LED light on top of his hat! On this ornament, the battery is hidden behind Santa's glove. When I want to turn it off, I slide a little piece of cardboard behind the battery, which breaks the circuit.
Now, let it be known that I barely understand all of this, but it works, and it was great fun doing these projects with my techie daughter Kate!!!

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sparkle jars said...

This is such a great idea. I could see it being used for all sorts of projects.