Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Five Faces in Five Days - Day 2

This week has been busier than I expected and I'm a bit behind, but here is my picture for day 2.
Another face in cut paper. What is this lady thinking about? I have a few ideas, but you can come to your own conclusions! I thought I'd try for a different type of expression, but those crazy eyebrows say it all!
Tomorrow: fused fabric!!!


StegArt said...

I think she has a confused look. Like she's trying to process some information in her head and it's just not working out.

greenbeanbaby said...

wow, i love how you did her hair! and you work more realistically than i could ever do [and believe me, i've wanted to!] this is super beautiful!!!!!! your paper cutting is so clean too :)

thank you for stopping by and for your wonderful compliment! you dont know how much it really means to me!!!! biggest hugs to you :)