Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thoughts on "Seven in Seven"

After finishing and posting my seventh project yesterday, I wanted to review the process and come to some conclusions about it. 
I jumped into this challenge very impulsively and really set no parameters for myself other than making seven art projects in seven days. For someone who is used to doing things "when I feel like it" or "when I feel inspired", this was a stretch for me. I found myself thinking about my projects constantly during  the week, whether planning, looking for materials, doing sketches or actually working on each piece. Although I had many other things going on in my "real life", I felt a joyful buzz just knowing that I would be going back to whatever project I was working on that day.
The fact that a few projects got finished later at night didn't bother me, nor the fact that some pieces could use a few more details. I simply took photos the next morning or brought the project to a point that could be considered finished, but left it to my own discretion whether I will work on it further or not. My feeling is - enjoy the process, try some new things, have fun!
My next self imposed challenge will probably run five days. I'm thinking of doing a series of works on the same subject, expressed different ways. I'm still thinking about it. If anyone reading this is interested in playing along, let me know. I'd love to see what someone else does with this idea!


Unknown said...

Judy, I become more impressed every time I see what you come up with! What an assortment! Yea!

Not to diminish my current activities because the show are very important. However, I wish I had the luxury of time right now. You do inspire me!

Tootles, KJ

tea time and roses said...

Hi Judy!

You have so inspired me, but oh my I wonder just how I would do with seven in seven! Your next challenge sounds delightful, and I cannot wait to hear more details! Happy creating to you!