Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seven Projects in Seven Days!

My daughter, Kate, is a Resident Researcher at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. This week, she and some of the other Residents are taking on a challenge called "Seven Projects in Seven Days". Now, these projects will be bits of brilliance - wearable technology, examples of interactive communication, technological inventions or games....
I've decided to join in on the craziness and try to produce my own "seven in seven"! Of course,my projects will be on a totally different level - far from brilliant, several will be completions of works in progress and I'm sure at least one or two will be extremely elementary! But it will be fun and, since Kate won't have a spare moment to read my blog this week, it will be something for me to share with her later! I'll be posting every day, so stay tuned and see how I do!

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