Friday, March 6, 2009

Coach Irma

This is Irma, my creativity coach, telling me to get going on some of the projects I've been putting off. She came from The Dollar Store a few years ago and I just love her saucy stance. I feel like she should be shaking one of her fingers at me, urging me to finish up my fused fabric bouquet or the quilted and beaded flower picture that is stuck in a pile in my studio.
My problem is that I procrastinate when I'm afraid a project won't turn out as well as I want it to. I get stuck  and, instead of just working it out, I spend time just looking at the components and waiting for a push - be it a deadline or a sudden impulse to finish - to get the ball rolling again. 
Does anyone else have this problem?
Anyway, I love to change Irma's location once in a while, because the sight of her on a different table or windowsill makes me smile, and reminds me that it's time to get going and accomplish something!


quiltcat said...

Having a deadline is just about the only thing that pushes me along. The funny thing is, i say i hate to work under pressure, and then i dawdle so long to get started on things, the only way left to work is under pressure to finish on time! Irma certainly looks like a cheerful and persuasive presence to have in your sewing room.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Judy, I could really use a Coach Irma! She's wonderful! Your description of what happens to you is exactly how I feel right now.
This year I've been struggling with that problem of procrastination and too many things to do in too many different directions and in my eyes so little is accomplished. I actually do work so much better under pressure and need a deadline. It's reassuring and comforting to know others work the same way! I think I'll head over to my studio soon and see if I can finish up one of the projects. Thanks for the great post!

Karen L R said...

Yikes Judy, were you inside my brain a few minutes ago? I was just walking downstairs thinking about how my whole life has log jammed because I'm stuck on one problem on a project. Somehow everything else has stalled, this one problem has sucked the motivation out of me. I resolved to put my head down and plow into it today, and now I feel like I have company! Many thanks to all..quiltcat, Nan, Irma and you, Judy!

Judy Hartman said...

Gee, I guess Coach Irma struck a chord in all of us!
Nice to know that others have the same problem! I'm enjoying this little kitty lovin' community that is forming here!
Now, let's all get to work on our half finished projects!! Hee-Hee!

Shell said...

I agree with everyone else, we all need a Coach Irma to come in to get us moving.
If I need to finish something that I'm scared that will be bad. I just do it and try to focus on the doing. And not my mind which is whining how bad it's going to be. Just tell your mind to shut up. Or listen to some music you like to distract your mind.
Most of the time, it's a lot better than I give myself credit for.

Judy Hartman said...

Good suggestions, Shell. Sometimes it's better not to overthink things!