Monday, March 2, 2009

A New York Weekend

We returned last night from our trip to what my husband calls Kate's World - New York City and Brooklyn. It was wonderful to be with our daughter where she lives and works, to spend time with her and her friends, and to see the city through her eyes.
Among other things, we went on the Staten Island ferry, shopped, visited the Brooklyn Museum of Art, walked and viewed all the beautiful brownstones on Prospect Park inBrooklyn and had a lovely brunch (thank you, Rob) in Greenwich
Village before returning home.
Kate knows her mom only too well, so she walked us over from Penn Station to Mood Fabrics in the Garment District of Manhattan. Any Project Runway fans out there? This is where the contestants shop for fabric for their creations. Plenty of luscious textures, colors, embellishments and trims. I bought not a thing, but it was a dreamy experience to be surrounded by so much fabric!
Another great store which we nearly passed by, until the word Fiber caught my eye and dragged me toward it like a magnet, was Fibernotion on Union Street in Brooklyn. I don't think I've ever seen so many enticing needleart components in such a small space! I had fun buying hand painted wool roving, wool felt from Nepal, and a some nifty embellishments.
It's great to be back home, but we had an excellent time with our daughter. Today is her birthday and we send our dearest love to our wonderful Kate.


sparkle jars said...

Oh, to be in New York City. Thank you for taking us along.

StegArt said...

sounds like a fun time!

seriously amused said...

Being surrounded by all those beautiful colours is oxygen for the soul. I'm glad you had a fun visit.

Karen L R said...

What fun! I suspect that I would get into big trouble at Fibernotion. Did you get caught up in any of the bad weather? KarenLR