Monday, March 9, 2009

Still Winter

What a weather adventure we are on here in New England! Yesterday was sunny and relatively warm. "Light jacket weather" I call it, although there were many people out walking wearing shorts and tee shirts! Everyone seems ready to call it quits with winter. Recently I've seen photos of new shoots in gardens everywhere on blogs, and then, this morning, a new snowfall, tree branches frosted with white icing, roads a mushy mess. Oh well, another winterscape
to appreciate, beautiful to look at, and probably short-lived.
It's a good day to be creative with a Spring colored palette: rose, peach, saffron, apple green - soon these hues will be all around us.

 It will be worth the wait. 


seriously amused said...

I haven't seen new shoots yet, but those milder days sure make me smile. Spring is coming and it will be a beautiful, colourful celebration!

By the way, I love Coach Irma and agree with what everyone said. I could have used her "help" whilst finishing off the first draft for a short story last week.

Have a lovely day!

Karen L R said...

Fear not, your snow will not last, Judy. We may be due some this afternoon here in CT...oh, bother. In the meantime, sewing room distractions are the fix!

sparkle jars said...

We woke up to snow as well this morning. My daffodils are bent over but should make it if it warms up a bit. Thank you for your kind comment on my post. :-)
I love Coach Irma!

quiltcat said...

Is that a flowering cherry? very beautiful with the snow on it! I...mmm...should i say this?...I was too warm yesterday as the temperature went up to 78 degrees! There are still glaciers in all the grocery store parking lots, but they're melting fairly rapidly. Spring will arrive in New England eventually!
hah, word verification is "endrip"

summer girl said...

OMG!!! Judy, you went to Mood! but I guess I'm really not surprised, cuz if anyone should go there, it's you, love!!! Catching up on all your wonderful posts that I have missed due to ....well, due to winter blahs, I guess! Glad you had a great visit with Kate...J

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Judy,
It snowed all day here and it gave me a chance to appreciate the wildlife around the birdfeeders once again.
Brrr, it's cold after the spring like tease we had the past few days! I had seen someone barefoot on the beach on it's winter boots!