Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AED Day 3 - Artist Trading Cards

Today I am meeting with two dear friends - Elaine and Karen, mother and daughter, and we are having an artsy craftsy two days together! You may know Karen from her blog, Sew and Sow Life. Here are my ATCs which I brought - a tree for each, and the left card for Karen, the right for Elaine!
We are having a great time - more to show tomorrow!!


Karen L R said...

Is there such a thing as having too much fun? I think we are doing it!

Anonymous said...
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nanke's stuff said...

What great ATCs! 2 craftsy days with friends - there aren't many better ways to have such a good time! nancy

Nan and =^..^= said...

That sounds so wonderful...enjoy and am looking forward to see your creations.

Jen* said...

Your girl time sounds so fun! I look forward to seeing your creations!

Kim D. said...

Judy, I just found your blog and love your art. I've signed up to be a follower. Very nice pieces. Wonderful Cat.

sparkle jars said...

Wow! There are trading cards and then there are TRADING CARDS...these are wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

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