Thursday, June 24, 2010

Five Faces in Five Days - # 3


I don't know where these faces come from, but Molly reminds me of a "nice" girl from the 60's - someone I would have gone to middle school with - and this is how she would have dressed for a school dance! No plunging necklines for kids in those days! I can't believe what kids wear to proms nowadays -
don't get me started!!
Anyway, this was done with applique, pigma pens and colored pencils!


Cynthia Eloise (Cyndee) said...

she looks sweet and innocent. cute.

Anonymous said...

Your faces are ALWAYS special,Judy.Can't wait for the next ! elaine

Libby Fife said...

Your girls are always so sweet and innocent looking. I know this has been said before but it is really true. I am right there with you on the plunging necklines and receding hemlines!