Thursday, June 10, 2010

Painting on fabric

Today was a good day for painting fabric, but not the best day for photographing it!
I wanted more landscape colors and I decided to try a different 
approachwith Setacolor transparent paints.
I used a faintly printed sepia cotton fabric as a base,
 which I figured would give texture and a warm undertone.
I always know that whatever I paint will be cut up into pieces for collage,
so I usually try out different techniques in different areas.
I started with these smooth and swirly strokes, then dried and heat set this piece.
Next I added more color, then dried and heat set it again.
Finally, I added more color and gave it a final ironing.
It's a very overcast day here, so the photos don't really show the intensity of the colors.
What I was attempting to do by heat setting between steps was to preserve the brush strokes 
of a step, then layer over it with more brush strokes, instead of 
having each layer of strokes blend in with the next.

I painted a few more pieces of fabric, but I'll wait until tomorrow to photograph them.
Hopefully the light will be better!
Eventually these pieces will be used in ladscapes - I promise!


Lyn said...

Do you have to use a man made fabric with fabric paints? I think that is what puts me off as I like natural fibres to work with.
I will be interested to see the landscapes Judy.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Can't wait to see what you do with them! Was raining here all day...which makes it a good day to be inside and work but it also makes me sleepy!

Karen L R said...

ooooh, lovely! a bit tuscan???

Joyce said...

You are making me feel like setting the sewing machine to the side and getting out my paints and stamps...

Libby Fife said...

Just a thought, but if you wanted to preserve your brushstrokes you could try thinning the paint with a matte gel medium or just a regular medium. If you just let your strokes dry or even heat set them they should stay the way you want. Things are looking good:)

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Judy!

I see you are having a wonderful time with fabric and how lovely it is!:o) You are such an inspiration dear friend. Enjoy a lovely weekend.



Cat said...

How wonderful - and looks like fun!

softearthart said...

Hi, I do like your piece, "Sunshine days" just lovely cheers Marie