Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Material Things

On my way home from tutoring today, I was again so overwhelmed by the colors of fall.
I pulled over several times to snap pictures. It was raining a bit, and the wetness only intensified the 
brilliance of the foliage against the gray sky.

Last night, the quilt guild auction was terrific and, although I did restrain myself, I managed to fill a shopping bag with fabric!! My favorites were the batiks, which were quite a bargain considering the cost of good batiks in fabric stores. 

When I got home from the auction, Rosie had to investigate my purchases. She crawled right into one of the plastic bags, and of course I pulled her right out. She then sat down on the fabrics which I had piled on the sofa and knocked down the piles and generally caused bedlam - her favorite thing to do!

Today Rosie, Angus and I looked at all the luscious prints on the porch. I'm so lucky to have such artistic advisors!! Angus took a special interest in the lively patterns!
I am dying to use these beautiful fabrics in my fabric artwork.
 Stay tuned!


quiltcat said...

Yummy yummy yummy! I actually have most of these in my stash, except for the one with the Chinese? Japanese? Korean? characters...love 'em all! In fact, the multi-colored one that Rosie is laying on in the second picture is the one that i used to set the color scheme for a Bloomin' Nine-Patch quilt i started about 5 years ago. Good thing you got her out of that plastic bag. It's so nice to have such helpful (and cute) fabric consultants.

quiltcat said...

By the way, your Fall foliage photos are wonderful!...and recall to me the sights, sounds, and smells of Fall growing up with hickories, oaks, maples, and sweet gums.

Libby Fife said...

I used to live in a town where the main drag was lined with flaming amber trees, maple trees, etc. The trees all turned these brilliant colors during the fall and I remember being really enamored of that, stopping to take a lot of photos.

Great fabric haul. Better consult the art advisors before you start cutting the fabric:)

Kay said...

I'm using fabric very like some of those right now. I can understand why your self-control failed. Lovely photos. Thanks.

Karen L R said...

oh, yum!

juliette said...

Judy, I can hardly wait to see what you will create from these beautiful fabrics and colors.