Monday, January 31, 2011

This and That

I'm sitting in my living room, listening to the evening news as I use my computer, and I realize that I've heard the word "snow" around thirty times in the last two minutes. Yes, we are buried, and yes, we have 2 new storms coming this week. The snow is piled about as high as a snowthrower can throw it, and snowplows have created mountains on every street corner, making it impossible to see oncoming traffic at intersections. Heavy accumulation is expected and the news media is doing a great job of intensifying everyone's anxiety!
So, I went through my photos, looking for something non-snow related to share!
This is a quilt I bought several years ago from a fellow member of an arts and craft society I used to belong to. The quilt artist's name is Diane Johnson and she used silky fabrics from a book of decorator fabric samples. It hangs on the wall directly opposite our front door and I love seeing when I come into the house. The colors perfectly reflect colors in our living room, so there's a nice flow.
I've been busy organizing my fabric
and my notions in my sewing room!
No, seriously, these photos are from Mood in New York City,
yes, the same Mood we see contestants go to on Project Runway.
We went there a couple of years ago when visiting our daughter.
I was so overwhelmed I didn't buy anything!
And, finally, I've been revisiting some fabrics I painted last year
and I'm readying them to create some fabulous landscapes!!

Tomorrow is my surgery and I'll be back in a couple of days!

Have a great week!


Libby Fife said...

Good luck with your surgery. I know you will feel better soon so I have my fingers crossed.

Love that wall hanging. Better keep your eye on it:):):)

Nan and =^..^= said...

Thinking of you and wishing you good luck! Hope the snow holds off and doesn't hinder your travel today. It hasn't started here yet and I think tomorrow will be the heaviest snow day.

Simone said...

Hello Judy, I am just catching up with your posts. I hope the surgery went ok. Poor you!!! The wall hanging is very striking and all those wonderful fabrics on the shelves too! I really did think they were all yours at first!!! I hope that you are feeling on top form very soon. x

From Your Mindseye said...

Judy, I was listening to Letterman last night and he was talking about NY getting another foot of snow and more to come. I thought of you and my friends in Baltimore, Virgina, Chicago and Pennsylvania. You are really having a winter, aren't you? You should have a green Spring and Summer though. Hope the surgery went well. Thinking of you. Love, Julie

Cynthia Eloise said...

good luck. keep us posted. i too visited an amazing fabric shop one time in vancouver bc. it was in the little india section of town and the shop was full of the beautiful silks they use for their saris. do you think i could make a decision, of course not, i was so overwhelmed, i left with nothing.

Anne said...

Hope you're managing to relax a bit and let go of thoughts of snow! And I hope that your surgery went well and that you're finally feeling better!

I can't wait to see what you come up with when you use those lovely, painted fabrics!

supplies overflowing! said...

Thinking of you- hope all went well.

sharon said...

You got me! I actually thought that was your sewing room and I quickly became extremely envious. What I do admire are your lovely painted fabrics. The process must make you feel very free.
I'm quite sure your surgery went superbly. Now just lean back in a comfy spot and heal.
Sending warm thoughts and healing energy your way.

Judy Hartman said...

The surgery went well, friends, and I thank you for your kind thoughts. As you all suggested, I'll lean back in a comfy spot, watch the snowfall outside and dream of a very green spring and summer. Glad to be on the mend!

Karen L R said...

glad all went well judy!

quiltcat said...

Hi Judy. So glad to hear that the surgery went well...hope you make a rapid recovery! those beautiful fabrics of yours are enough to make anyone dream of Spring!

Bia, from Brazil said...

It´s been sometime since I´ve last checked JQW so I was surprised to know about the surgery. Fortunatelly it all went well. I hope you´ve surpassed the uncomfortable crisis, can chew and eat whatever you want, speak and sing as you wish, no pain at all.
Take care.