Friday, March 11, 2011

Things to Come

It's been a rainy day here in New England, but despite the gloominess, 
I still managed to get myself out to the gym this morning!
The kitties were hunkered down on the guest room bed,

and still there when I returned. 

I think they have the right idea!

I've been a bit sluggish with my blog lately, not for lack of interest, but rather because I've been  renewing my desire to make art with fabric and thinking out what I want to create. I've decided to begin with a series of landscapes.
 My usual method of making a picture in one sitting and then sewing it immediately wasn't really working for me. Like many artists, I would be dissatisfied with the finished product and that would hold me back from starting something new. Where is the joy in that?
So I'm taking a different approach.
I've been slowly setting up a few pictures, pinning them up on a design board - a piece of foam core which I can move from room to room - and letting them sit, adding elements from time to time, but mainly just living with them while letting them develop slowly. It's almost a meditative process, working slowly, and reflectively and I'm hoping to come up with some good pieces in the end.

With the recent rain, we are finally seeing an end to the snow ( we hope! ) and I think it's about time to change my blog's snowy banner! So, soon there will be a new look here at Hartfelt,
some new work to show,
and always new pictures of Mr. Angus and Miss Rosie!

I know we are all thinking of those who lost their lives in the tsunami today, 
and all those who were affected by it.

May everyone who reads this have a happy and safe weekend.


Libby Fife said...

I was watching the news yesterday morning-so awful.

I am glad you hit upon another way to get your creative ideas out. It is hard to be patient but I like the idea of taking the time to live with your ideas before getting going. It looks like you are off to a good start.

Cynthia Eloise said...

you have such a kind heart judy. i always enjoy visiting your site.

Lyn said...

Cats ALWAYS have the right idea!

Anne said...

I like getting a glimpse into your creative process.

Looks like your kitties definitely have the right idea! So sweet.

tea time and roses said...

Hello Judy,

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan is certainly on so many hearts. The devastation is unbelievable and heartbreaking.

Your sweet little kitties surely have the right idea, and look so comfy cozy laying there.:o) I like your new design wall, a grand idea!

Wishing you a happy and creative week.



sharon said...

Such a good idea to position your in-process work so you can walk away from it and toward it. (It looks beautiful so far, by the way.) Sometimes coming upon it unexpectedly while thinking of something else is the best way to get fresh insights.
I, too, send out my good thoughts and healing energies to the earth at large. My niece/godchild's husband was in Tokoyo when the earth shuddered and he reported that the entire island of Japan literally shifted 8 feet.