Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last Blooms of Summer

The weatherman is predicting heavy rain for tomorrow,
so I went out today and rescued the very last hydrangeas from my garden.

This little bud stood out in the middle of older, faded blooms,

and two new bushes decided to put out their very first blossoms
just as the season ended!

So many small miracles all around in nature -
new life springing up in unexpected places!


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Heavy rains predicted here as well. Guess I'll have to get creative. lol Love your hydrangeas. I had no idea they bloomed so late.
Stay inspired!

Karen L R said...

Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Judy. Love these pictures. The seasons have definitely shifted.

sharon said...

Did I miss your birthday??? Happy belated. Don't you just love the thought that it's never too late to bloom? Gives us all hope on a shivery October day. Lovely.

Judy Hartman said...

Thank you, Michelle, Karen and Sharon!! Yes, these hydrangeas are amazing, They are called Endless Summer and definitely live up to their name! And yes, yesterday was my birthday and I do agree that it's never too late to bloom! I'm 63 and feel much younger! Happy to be able to say that!! :-)

Simone said...

The huge hydrangea leaf makes a stunning backdrop to the bloom! Belated Birthday wishes Judy. I think you look 'blooming' lovely! x

Anne said...

Happy, happy birthday, Judy! Glad to hear that you're growing younger!

Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. It's wonderful to have such kind and caring support.

Your flowers are beautiful. I've been running out to cut roses whenever I see new blooms opening. It's really amazing that they just keep coming. Eventually the snow will stop that, but until then, I'll just keep enjoying their beauty.

Cynthia Eloise said...

i love how the hydrangea blooms are changing colors now that they are fading. i never have good luck cutting them for a bouquet or even drying. so i just enjoy them on the bush.

Heather said...

They look so lovely! Love that delicate color. I wish we'd get some heavy rains around here!

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Wishing you a great year ahead :).
Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

Judy Hartman said...

Simone, Anne, Heather, Cynthia and Michelle -
Thank you so much for your comments. Cynthia, I've had pretty good luck with drying hydrangeas, but usually get rid of them when they turn brown.