Friday, February 10, 2012

A Brief Intermission

After only a few days of Art Every Day, I'm taking a short break to spend time with my daughter Kate, who is home for the weekend! Comfy clothes, movies and chatting will be the extent of our activity!
Just the way we like it!
Thank you so much to all who left comments on my blog birthday post! Have a lovely weekend and...

See you again on Monday!


sharon said...

Bliss! I wish you both the finest hours in each others' company. Happy weekend.

Libby Fife said...

Have a great visit with the incomparable Kate!

Karen L R said...


Gwen said...

The image you have up here is beaautiful. Do enjoy putting your feet up, it is wonderful having girly chats, especially with your daughter.

Simone said...

Enjoy your weekend with Kate. x

Anne said...

Hope your weekend was wonderful!!

Glad to be catching up on your blog. You've been doing beautiful things (as always!!).

Jennifer Richardson said...

hope you enjoyed her deeply
and that the ache
after she leaves
is sweetened with something
it's hard, those goodbyes.
love the leafy tree:)