Sunday, February 19, 2012

For Love of Fabric

I was going through some old journals today and came across something I wrote twelve years ago:

"Someone I work with told me recently that she was so bored on her day off - couldn't find anything interesting to do. I couldn't think of a reply to this statement. I looked at my dining room table, covered with unfinished projects, thought of my sewing room with selections of fabrics set aside for future picture designs, and imagined the time I would spend that evening working on a fabric portrait of a customer's home. I thought of my sewing machine, countless pairs of scissors in different sizes, storage boxes brimming with fabric, my notebooks crammed with picture ideas and magazine clippings, folders filled with drawings, and various containers spilling over with beads, lace, embroidery floss, buttons and ribbons.


Suddenly I had a new appreciation for the richness of my creative life. I just can't picture myself  bored as long as I can draw a picture and sew."

I'm happy to say that I still feel the same way. Sometimes I hold back, not from boredom, but rather from fear of not being 'good enough' - whatever that means. But I still have the same love for what I do. Another thing I wrote in the same entry was:

"There's something so appealing about making art with fabric. The texture. The colors. The prints. The punctuation of stitches. The accents of netting and lace."

I must say, I'm inspired by my own enthusiastic words from twelve years ago. So glad I unearthed that journal!


sharon said...

Love that phrase..."punctuation of stitches"... delightful.
Nice to find a message from your younger self whispering in your present ear the words you need to carry you over that hump in the road.
Happy week.

Gwen said...

You should be inspired, these are very insightful words.
I can't understand how anybody can be bored, there is so much to do in life; even, if it is only planning and making lists:)

Karen L R said...

"new appreciation" that will help you push a February funk aside, eh?

Libby Fife said...

Rendered speechless? LOL! How wonderful to have writing from years past to look at now (and even better that your attitude hasn't changed!).

Simone said...

How fascinating to be able to revisit your thoughts from the past! I remember always saying I was bored as a child. These days I never have time to be bored! x

Anne Butera said...

Lovely post, Judy!

I, too, can't imagine being bored. There's far too much to do!!

Your flower is beautiful, too.

She Who Doodles said...

i find it amazing how people do not have hobbies or interest. bored? never, there's to much to see, and do and create. said...

Love the enthusiasm, Judy. You should not doubt that you are "good enough". You're the best.