Monday, February 25, 2013

Heartfelt February ~ Day 25

This morning I woke up to a sight I have not yet seen this winter -

 Trees frosted with snow!!

Although we've had plenty of snow this year, I've missed the "icing" effect that I love so much.
I'm glad I took pictures early this morning because, already, melting has left the branches bare again.

For today's heart, I decided to make a flower with heart shaped petals.

I made two layers, some leaves, and fashioned them all into a corsage,

which can also be used as a hat for Rosie!!

I can tell that she feels very pretty!

Hope your day is a good one!!


sharon said...

Rosie is the purrfect model, though I doubt she wore it long! Very sweet, Judy.

Libby Fife said...

Oh dear!!!:)

Andrea said...

Rosie in her Easter bonnet! Purrrfect color for her! Very clever use of the heart shape.

Anne said...

Haha! Rosie has been wondering when you'd let her wear one of your creations. :) What fun to make your hearts into a flower. I've been longing for flowers and can't wait till my outdoor garden starts to wake up.

Your snow photos are lovely. I'm really ready for spring, but I can't help but be dazzled by the beauty of winter. Most of our snow is melted now, but the other night when there were sparkly snowflakes floating in the air everything seemed so magical.