Friday, February 8, 2013

Heartfelt February ~ Day 8

Today I'm sharing a photograph by Andrea of a weathered window shutter in beautiful Rockport, Massachusetts. This is a charming town in Cape Ann, not too far from here.

Hear Shutter photo by Andrea Willey

 Have you heard that we are experiencing a blizzard here on the east coast? Actually, although it has been snowing all day, this is the least of it! We are supposed to have heavy snow and high winds all night and through tomorrow, resulting in about two to three feet of snow!

This brings to my mind the historic blizzard of 1978, when my husband and I were first married. We lived in an apartment in an old home on a busy highway in Massachusetts. I can't find many photos from that storm, but this one was taken after it had ended and people were walking down the highway as though it were a country road!

We are stocked up with everything we need. Our governor has asked that all but emergency vehicles stay off the roads, and I'm hoping that we don't lose power. Towns right on the coast are expecting a lot of damage, so we're sending our best wishes to folks living in those areas.

Meanwhile, I'll be making more hearts, and hope to post more of them soon!

Wishing everyone a safe and warm weekend!


Libby Fife said...

Be safe and warm Judy! Love the pic from 1978:)

sharon said...

Holding you, Bill, Rosie and Angus in my good thoughts and prayers. I am so very grateful to know that Bill is there with you, Judy, and not out of town. If you have your power please let us know via your blog that all is well. God bless.