Friday, April 26, 2013

Signs of Spring - Colors!

 Today I began the job of reorganizing and sorting my embroidery threads.

It's long overdue since much of my stash looks like this and I can never find anything!
I stretched out the skeins on scrap pieces of mat board, and the boards fit nicely in a drawer. 

Some threads in my collection come from my mom, who did beautiful embroidery
such as this stitched dining room tablecloth she gave me years ago. This is not the greatest 
photo - in reality, the stems and leaves are much greener.

I'm getting a bit antsy about getting back to my own creative work,
which I'm planning to do next week. Meanwhile I'll be looking for more signs of spring!

Hope you've had a wonderful week!


sharon said...

Colorful thread...anything is possible!
Whatever you decide to do with these, enjoy the process as much as the result.
Lucky girl to inherit your mother's beautiful hand work.

Libby Fife said...

What a gorgeous tablecloth that must be and very special to you too:)

Could you come organize my threads please? Honestly, how do they get so disorganized to begin with???

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love sorting colors:)
big love to you in your creative
Enjoy the greening of the year,

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

I love a colourful organizing project like that. So much more fun than something like the medicine cabinet... I cross stitched for years but had to quit (it triggered migraines) so those beautiful threads brought back some very fond memories. Thank you. Loving your springing month!! xoxo