Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Signs of Spring

It's the last day of April, but certainly not the last day of spring!
It is gloriously sunny and cool, and I am happily sitting on my porch.
enjoying the sounds of birdsong, lawnmowers and neighbors working in their yards.

My lovely friend Elaine sent me a sweet springtime picture, which I'll share with you.

As a child, wouldn't you have loved to read a book illustrated by Elaine?
I love her drawings and they way she depicts the innocence of childhood.

As a child, one of my favorite things was discovering wild violets in the grass
before the first lawn mowing of the season.
Yesterday, I saw a flash of purple in the lawn in front of our house, and there they were!

Of course, I had to bring some in and put them in my new little vase!

They remind me of a fused fabric piece I made many years ago...

and also of these painted and stitched African violets.

It's been fun capturing the first signs of spring this month. 
Thanks to my friend Andrea for the idea!

The process has made me want to carry my camera around all the time 
and notice things I otherwise would have missed.
A good habit to keep practicing.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this monthlong theme,
as I have. I'll be up to something new in the month of May!

Enjoy every sign of spring you encounter!


cyndee starr said...

spring, it's really here. i can almost feel myself on the porch with you. enjoy.

love your friends drawing.

Andrea said...

You're welcome! It has been fun seeing your signs of spring! Hmmmm, for June, how about......

sharon said...

Your spring blogs have gotten me through a very springless time here in the driftless region of Wisconsin. Thank you. Can't wait to see what we have in store for May.

Shell said...

The picture by your friend Elaine is charming.
I feel the same way about dandelions that you do violets. Since I was a girl, seeing those cheery dandelions makes me happy.

Donna B said...

I adore the picture from Elaine!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

I so enjoyed your springy April Judy. I'm sorry it's over already. Those violets are gorgeous, I esp. love the second piece. Thanks for your sweet blogaversary wishes!! xx