Monday, May 20, 2013

Poppy Love

Over 30 years ago, my husband and I bought a house from a woman
 who had beautiful gardens of perennials, including some striking poppies.
As we cleaned our garage this past weekend, Bill came across
 this pen, ink and pastel picture I had done back then, carefully wrapped in paper.

It brought to mind my trip to Tuscany nearly 4 years ago,
where I saw amazing fields of poppies, growing wild.

And recently, I took a paper poppy class from the wonderful AnnMarie Gallivan,
where we manipulated and shaped ordinary red card stock into stunning blossoms.

Who can resist the richness of this beautiful flower?

My next post will be my last before taking a blogging break.
Home renovations coming soon!!

Have a wonderful week!


sharon said...

Carefully wrapped, but in THE GARAGE? A lovely piece which deserves to grace someone's wall. How could it help but brighten the saddest of days?
I will miss your posts most dreadfully, Judy. Especially in the trying days ahead. So happy it will be for a good cause. Hope these house jobs are not too disruptive to your lives and bring the happy results you envision. Do save up all manner of ideas to share when you're able.
God bless.

Anne said...

Lovely, Judy!

Matthias' favorite flower is the poppy. I've planted several and they all end up disappearing. Maybe someday I'll have success with them in my garden.

I'm excited to hear all about your renovation when you come back!

Karen L R said...

Gorgeous poppies...sketched, paper and real! I especially like Icelandic poppies and Californias as well.

Sending you best wishes for your renovations.


Simone said...

Beautiful picture! Those poppies must have had quite an impact on you back then Judy for you to want to draw them. Good luck with the renovations. I look forward to your return afterwards. x

Jennifer Richardson said...

poppies, poppies, poppies!
I love the way you see life
....really enjoy your posts.
I imagine something beautiful
is going to be happening to you
and with you
and through you
as you take your break
....will miss your unique style
and heart:)
happy projecting,

From Your Mindseye said...


I love the Poppy picture that you drew. The style is so attractive. They all remind me of the red poppy fields in Tuscany. They were breathtaking.

Nan and =^..^= said...

What a treasure to find your beautiful drawing/pastel of the poppies!
Good luck with your renovations!
We are in the midst of house repairs...