Friday, May 10, 2013

Flowers Everywhere

This week, I visited my sister Carol 
and brought her a Mother's Day bouquet.

She loves every kind of flower - this is one of her orchids,

and this beautiful tree outside her back door is just about to bloom.


During the ride home I noticed so many versions of my favorite tree, 
the beautiful dogwood.

Yesterday I received a beautiful Mothers Day bouquet
in my favorite color
from my sweet husband.

The weather seems to be getting warmer and I can't wait to buy some
potted plants for outside our front door.

Hope your world is blooming
and that you've had a wonderful week!


sharon said...

Looking to plant some ornamental shrubs and smaller trees here at the farm. Don't think those type of dogwood could survive our zone 4. Too bad, they are lovely.
Your sunny yellow bouquet is breathtaking. Funny your Mothers Day flowers from Bill arrived the same day as my flowers from Jerome. My arrangement is also nearly all one color, shades of heavenly pink. Look for a photo of it on my blog soon.
And a very happy Mothers Day, Judy.

Karen L R said...

The dogwood at the foot of my grandmother's driveway remains one of my favorite trees in the world.

Thanks for sharing all of these pretty pictures, Judy!

Libby Fife said...

Gorgeous flowers and once again, great photographs! You really have a knack.

Hope your Mother's Day is wonderful:)

Lyn said...

Lovely flowers in this post, too cold and wet here to go into the garden so I'm glad of your photos! Xxx

Jennifer Richardson said...

blooming up a storm:)
so happy for you, surrounded by
the beauty you've waited long winter for.
a most beautiful mother's day
to you, friend,

Lorinda.C.F said...

So much flowery goodness. You ode to spring just keeps going--wonderful!! Happy Mother's Day sweet Judy xoxo

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Such beauty! Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous flowers. :)