Sunday, June 9, 2013

Handmade Joy Exchange

In February, the wonderful Anne of My Giant Strawberry organized a joyful exchange of handmade goods between some of her fellow bloggers. I was assigned to make something for Laura, a very upbeat architect from Italy, who now lives and works in England. She had some beautiful photos of herself on her blog, so I used one as an inspiration for this cut paper portrait.

I hoped very much that I did her justice, and she did say that she liked it.

The person who was assigned to make something for me was Baukje from France. She sent me a precious hand knit cat, French soap tied with a handmade bouquet of flowers, and textile napkin holders from a thrift shop. It was so much fun to receive such a package from another country from an artist I have  never met! My thanks to Anne for arranging such a happy exchange!

I hope that everyone is enjoying a happy Sunday!


sharon said...

You've caught quite a bit of Laura's sparkle.
If you hadn't said your knitted kitty was from France I may have guessed it from its attitude!
Yes, a lovely exchange for all involved. Thanks for sharing.

Karen L R said...

Baukje is one of my blogging buddies! So glad you two have "met".

Love your portrait, too, Judy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon!!
I love the portrait you made for me!! It's so nice, and it found its place in my bedroom!! A friend of mine came to visit me from Italy last weekend and she was really impressed with it, too!!! You're really talented and I'm so lucky!
Anne had a brilliant idea with her Handmade Exchange, every time it brings so much Joy to all the participants!!
The gifts you receive are such nice, too!!

Simone said...

Lovely handmade exchanges. You have both used a similar colour palette - rich, warm colours! x

Anne said...

So glad you participated in the exchange, Judy! Your portrait of Laura is lovely and I'm totally smitten with the cat you received, too. :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

beautiful gifts
and the giving always priceless;
hope your summer is starting