Thursday, July 3, 2014

A New Character


Everyone knows that Helen is the cornerstone of her
neighborhood. She will pick up your children from 
school, feed your pets when you are away, console
you when you are overwhelmed, and bring you a
casserole when you are in need.
She loves vintage clothes and often refashions them
into rather odd outfits, but nobody cares. They seem
to suit her perfectly. She hums when she works, and
and sings slightly off-key. 
Her cheerfulness is contagious.

In spite of her kind heart, everybody knows
not to bother Helen on Wednesday nights.
For that is when she meets with Zeke, Ted,
Sal, Hank and Louie
in the back of Zeke's Auto Body Shop.
There they play a few hands of poker.
And she usually wins.


AnnMarie Gallivan said...

Helen is fabulous!

Amy Ropple said...

Love it! Plays poker! Didn't see that coming!

Debra said...


Andrea said...

LOOOOOOVE Helen and her story. Keep 'um comin'.

Simone said...

I suppose Helen's 'poker face' is that she's always smiling! That'll fool 'em! x

outofagreatneed said...

I thoroughly enjoy the cast of characters you share. The last paragraph about Helen is brilliant and explains the twinkle in her eyes. :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love the way you create:)

Shell said...

I love your character portraits,Judy. Helen reminds me a bit of my myself. Have a wonderful July 4th.

Karen L R said...


Anne Butera said...

What fun! :)